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Human beings cannot exist in isolation. Engagement in social exchange is their basic need. It is the communication, which largely brings humans closer together and unite communities into one. Communication is at the heart of every single interaction. It is social and cultural 'togetherness'. It would be significant to quote Neal and Brown as saying that communication is all that makes people human. It would not be exaggeration to argue that we are living in mediated world. These days we see the world through the omnipresent eyes of media. Fore these reasons, no one can underestimate the role of mass media and Information Technology in the 21st century. People have made a giant leap from printing by seal, stamp or wooden block to information dissemination by such advanced technology as radio, TV, film or World Wide Web. Electronic media revolutionized the vast field of mass communication in the world and brought far-off lands together. The world witnessed the invention of Marconi,

Gurkha Sanchar Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.

The role of co-operative sector in the social and economical transformation of a country has been accepted to be same as that of government sector and private sector. Though information and mass communication has contributed to the development process of co-operative but the participation of co-operative and co-operation in the communication sector is minimal. For the economy and sustainable development of every nation, importance and contribution of co-operative sector is vital More...

Gorkha Television

Gorkha FM 93 MHz proposes an integral relationship among audiences, media and the larger social system. It will do its best to maintain public morality and decency in the society. The primary goal (objective) of Gorkha FM 93 MHz is to advocate the people's Right to Information, Right of Expression and Right to know as guaranteed by the constitution. In a bid to reach the goals, it will make persistent effort to inform, entertain, persuade, internalize and socialize the people through programmes of verities of tastes and interests. It is committed to create a platform as a meeting point between the people and government and the consumers and manufacturers. The goals of Gorkha FM have been divided into two broad categ More...

British Gurkha Media

Gorkha FM has become successful to win millions of heart in a very short period. It has been receiving positive response from audiences from all walks of life. Gorkha FM has adapted a unique approach to disseminate information and entertainment since it initiation with hourly new broadcast from 5.45 AM to 12 Midnight. Broadcasting talk programmes on current political situation, healthcare, beauty, finance, etc are its key features. The time period of this network is 18 hours (5 AM-12 Midnight). The uniqueness of Gorkha FM lies on the news broadcasting till 12 Midnight. It also broadcast Vox pop to circulate public opinion on current political and social issues in their own voice without any significant change. The types of songs number Gorkha FM emphasizes are Nepali folk, Nepali moder

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