British Gurkha Media

Gorkha FM has become successful to win millions of heart in a very short period. It has been receiving positive response from audiences from all walks of life. Gorkha FM has adapted a unique approach to disseminate information and entertainment since it initiation with hourly new broadcast from 5.45 AM to 12 Midnight. Broadcasting talk programmes on current political situation, healthcare, beauty, finance, etc are its key features. The time period of this network is 18 hours (5 AM-12 Midnight). The uniqueness of Gorkha FM lies on the news broadcasting till 12 Midnight. It also broadcast Vox pop to circulate public opinion on current political and social issues in their own voice without any significant change. The types of songs number Gorkha FM emphasizes are Nepali folk, Nepali modern, Nepali Pop, Hindi all-time hits, Hindi pop, Hindi remix, hip-hops, rocks, regional songs like Maithili and Bhojpuri and songs of Gurung, Tamang, Newari, etc. languages. The airing of songs is administered from a well-equipped digital system. It does not require RJs and other technical personnel to be engaged looking for the CDs in library. All types of songs are played after they are downloaded in the computer. Hence it ensures quality sound thanks to the well-resourced studio of Gorkha FM. Gifted, brilliant, fluent, trained, qualified and eloquent RJs, skilled technician and marketers, news reporters and editors, and farsighted management officials are other key attributes of this network. Coordination and mutual relationship among all the departments have predicted its bright future among horde of FM in Nepal. It is guided by the much-talked principles of inclusion in new political trend of Nepal making room for both males and females from various social and cultural backgrounds. The employees are from various parts of Nepal. So, it cannot be blamed as city-centered. The credit goes to Managing Director and Executive Director of Gorkha FM. Padam Neupane, Execution Director said he was flying over the Moon for unprecedented success this network is enjoying in a short period. In an interview he said, "Gorkha FM family expressed its commitment to maintain the quality programme. We will feel the pulse of audiences before we broadcast any programmes". When interviewed with audiences in the streets, public vehicles and shopping malls; majority of the respondents said they were regular listeners of Gorkha FM and liked all the programmes being aired by the stations. The present status and overall performance of Gorkha FM is very enthusiastic in the light of its overwhelming success.