Gorkha Television

Gorkha FM 93 MHz proposes an integral relationship among audiences, media and the larger social system. It will do its best to maintain public morality and decency in the society. The primary goal (objective) of Gorkha FM 93 MHz is to advocate the people's Right to Information, Right of Expression and Right to know as guaranteed by the constitution. In a bid to reach the goals, it will make persistent effort to inform, entertain, persuade, internalize and socialize the people through programmes of verities of tastes and interests. It is committed to create a platform as a meeting point between the people and government and the consumers and manufacturers. The goals of Gorkha FM have been divided into two broad categories: Short-term Goals 1. To inform, entertain and internalize the people. 2. To provide service in preferential rate. 3. To sell the transmission time to advertisers for the promotions of various products, services and ides. 4. To serve as a non-profit institution with due respect to public interest. 5. To work as a middleman between the consumers and the manufacturers. 6. To produce and broadcast programmes so as to enhance the creativity and professionalism of the community members. 7. To make the various professional organizations more competitive, capable, replicable and creative through effective programmes. 8. To work as a bridge between the government and community stakeholders. 9. To act as a voice of Ex Gurkha Army servicemen and create a conducive atmosphere for there participation in development works. 10. To build the platform for the unity of all Gurkhas living in Nepal and abroad, and to find the ways for the proper utilization of the money they made. 11. To mobilize the community by providing competitive and professional education training to pave the ways for the establishment of Investment Forum. Long-term Goals 1. To maintain the dignity as a powerful mass communication media in order to spread the information as it exist in course of unfolding political, economic, technological and social situation over the times without any distortion. 2. To work as a mirror of society to build prosperous Nepal by motivating the people to utilize their assets (tangible and intangible), cash convertibles, technical skills and know-how. 3. To create a meeting point of consumers and producers to establish friendly relationship and professional unity. 4. To cater unique programmes as compared to other media. 5. To establish a Research Center by exposing the role of media in the contribution and economic progress of Gurkha community in practical life. 6. To establish a Business Association for the promotion of business activities of various professional organizations. 7. To establish a Counseling Centre to provide business organizations, business people, co-operatives and finance companies with training and consultant services. 8. To expand the FM network in various parts of the country, establish Gorkha TV and newspaper within the next five years. 9. To coordinate with Gurkha people living in Nepal and abroad, government and non-government organizations, donor agencies and the public bodies by establishing an Information Center to serve the purpose.